Goat and Sheep

Goat milking parlor

From rapid exit and swing over parlours, to large rotaries designed specifically for a high throughput of animals, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop the ideal solution for your goat or sheep farm.

The milking parlour is critical in any successful goat enterprise in particular, where efficiency and volume of milk are essential to achieve greater profits.

Our parlours include optional features such as: automatic cluster removal, in-parlour feeding and metering, milk metering and teat spraying systems – all designed to deliver optimum efficiency and performance for large volume animal milking.

Our automated goat and sheep rotary provides a world-class solution for even the largest goat operations.

Its innovative design features (such as the cluster being positioned directly below the goat’s teats) ensure optimal udder presentation for swift cluster attachment, providing a safe and efficient environment for both operator and goat.

The Fullwood Packo rotary milking system allows one operator to milk up to 1000 animals per hour, making it perfect for herd sizes of more than 500 goats.

Key features and benefits

  • Wide range of productivity options for herds or flocks large or small (from 100 up to 1200 animals per hour)

  • Crystal herd or flock management system for automatic identification, feeding, milk yield recording, separation and identifying animals without ID tags

  • Dedicated components designed specifically for goats or sheep – claws, shell and liners, tailored pulsation equipment and a range of automated cluster removal options

  • Low level, high level or swing over rapid exit parlours

  • High performance rotary milking platforms designed to optimise ergonomic efficiency, e.g. cluster presentation

  • Rotary feeding platforms

  • Integrated weighing or segregation system

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