Icontrol Unit

The central brain of your milk cooling tank

For a modern dairy farmer, the milk cooling tank is more than just cooling and cleaning. Therefore the iControl stands for information logging, intelligent software and a clear and simple interaction between user, milking system and milk cooling tank.

iControl stands for intelligent software, recording information and clear and simple interaction between the dairy farmer, the milk cooling tank and milking system. The system monitors and records all data.

Along with cooling, cleaning and stirring, iControl includes:

  • Two milk temperature sensors

  • Smart ice building according to the requirements in the ice bank tanks

  • Individual regulation of the water volume per cleaning step

  • Automatic changes to cleaning times (which are adjusted depending on the type and volume of the tank)

Key features / benefits

  • Cool safe – Permanent monitoring of vital information such as temperature of milk, duration of cooling, cleaning and stirring

  • Visual and audible alarms on the iControl display or optional text message provide a quick warning when rapid action is required

  • Cooling extra protection checks to ensure that milk is always cooled

  • Oculus tank guard monitors cooling, cleaning and stirring cycles. All data is logged and presented in a series of user-friendly tables and graphs. - Pacap volume indicator displays the volume of milk (in litres) in the cooling tank

  • Controlled cleaning prevents hazardous vapours after cleaning in the tank, so milk is never contaminated

  • Online intervention – when your iControl unit is connected to the internet, your installation engineer can inspect your milk cooling tank online. If there’s a problem, the engineer can assess remotely whether on-site intervention is needed, so help is received quickly and efficiently without unnecessary call-out costs