Milk Cooling

Fully customisable solutions

We understand that efficient milk cooling and storage is imperative in preserving the high quality of your milk, so all cooling systems manufactured by our professional partner can be fully customised to meet the individual needs of your farm.

From family-run dairy farms, to mega-farms and milk collection centres, Scan Sped Trading can provide the ideal solution for cooling and storing your raw milk as safely and efficiently as possible.

Always on hand

Our partner is one of the largest producers of milk cooling systems in the world, operating in over 80 different countries. Our global network are always on hand to provide personalised advice and guidance, from your initial enquiry, through to installation and maintenance.

Your income is protected

All our solutions have been designed to provide maximum levels of hygiene and income for your milk. You can rest assured that with cooling tank, you will pass every quality inspection with flying colours.

Direct Expansion

Ice Water Cooling

iControl System