Butter Churn

Quick and simple production of butter and buttermilk.

Butter churn is a modern device for fast and efficient butter production. In addition to butter, it also enables production of buttermilk, a commercially attractive product. They ensure a high yield when processing: 50-60 % of butter from cream. Butter churn is a perfect opportunity to extend your product range.

Temperature maintenance

Double coat helps reach and maintain the optimum temperature for cream ripening in the container (with butter churns PJ 50 and PJ 100).

Safe and controlled processing

The butter churn cover ensures safe and controlled processing. Transparent acrylic cover for PJ 13 and PJ 25, and a stainless-steel cover with a viewing glass for PJ 50 and PJ 100.

Easy maintenance and emptying

Mixer can be easily disassembled. Special treatment of inner surface prevents butter to stick on the surface and allows easier emptying and cleaning of the interior.

Fast process and efficient kneading

Stirring shovels running close to the wall speed up the process for 10 % (compared to the previous model of butter churn) provide efficient kneading even with minimal filling of the butter churn and ensures an equal arrangement of buttermilk in butter.


In addition to regular butter churn, PJ 50 Basic is also available. A perfect solution for producers, who don’t need to maintain the temperature when producing butter. To learn more, please contact us!

Additional equipments

Higher stable support

Easier work with the butter churn due to higher working height (900 mm).

Support on wheels

Simple moving with support on wheels, easier work due to higher working height

Tilting mechanism

Enables the tilting of butter churn for easier emptying and washing (drainage).

Our partner butter churn is intended for production of butter and buttermilk from cream or fermented milk.

The advantages of butter churn are:

  • Faster process and more efficient kneading even with minimal filling of the churn with stirring shovels running close to the wall

  • Security and complete control during processing with a new special cover (transparent acrylic cover for PJ 13 and PJ 25 or a stainless steel cover with a viewing glass for PJ 50 and PJ 100)

  • Yield when processing:

    • approx. 50–60 % of butter from cream

    • approx. 5 % of butter from fermented milk

  • Simple maintenance and cleaning

    • made from high quality steel AISI 304

    • special treatment of inner and outer surfaces for easier cleaning

  • Time and costs optimization

  • A wide range of products: butter, buttermilk, cheese spreads etc.

For large dairy industries we have butter churns up to 1000ltr capacity.

To learn more about our buttern churns, please contact us!