The parlor is located in the central part of the farm, the cows come to the holding pen via the two way corridors.

The holding pen is equipped with a crowd gate, so the next group can arrive behind the group that is being milked. So the milking is quick and continous. The cows go into the parlor through two gates.

After milking the cows leave the parlor via the all exit gate and go to the return corridor through a sorting gate that automatically selects the cow for insemination or treatment. The parlor is equipped with an automatic identifcation system, controlled by computer

Parlor type technologies

Herringbone Parlors

Pararell Milking Parlors

Rotary Milking Parlors

Robotic Milking

We are specialized for a below animals

Camel Milking

Cow Milking

Goat and Sheep Parlors

Buffalo Milking

Other equipments

Milk Processing

Cow Handling

Direct Expansion Cooling Tanks

Ice Water Cooling