From raw milk to cream with great yield.

Separator SP is a device for making cream and skimmed milk from raw milk. It offers fast processing in capacities from 125 to 600 liters/hour. Due to precise design and production of the machine, processes are repeatable and ensure constant quality of your products.

Set skimming to deserve level of fat content
Separator is very simple to use – it works automatically when the milk is poured in the container. You can regulate fat content in cream and skimmed milk with a regulating screw.

Simple detaching and cleaning/maintenance
Separator is made from high-quality materials, which enable easy cleaning and simple maintenance of the device.

Energy efficiency of operation
80-95 % energy is converted to motor power to ensure the most efficient processing. Motor inside is brushless and ensures long lifecycle of the device.

Process repeatability
Due to high-quality materials, precise design and long lifespan of the device, process repeatability is ensured. Your products will constantly have the same quality.

  • Raw milk container. Optimal temperature of raw milk is between 30 and 40 °C.

  • Cream outlet. Depending on fat content in raw milk and on adjustment with the regulating screw, 10–20 % of cream can be produced.

  • Skimmed milk outlet. Fat content in skimmed milk is less than 0.5 %.

  • Stable support. Wide rubber legs ensure device stability.

  • Separators 60 up to 600ltr/hour capacity.

Large capacity separators

For large dairy industries we have closed system separators, capacity from 1000 up to 10.000ltr/hour

Self-cleaning system!