A growing, future-focussed dairy farm will always have high energy demands

The Fullwood Packo Eco-Line range has been developed to provide ecological solutions to help save on the cost of increased water and electricity consumption.

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  • Maximum use of low ambient temperatures = lower energy consumption

  • Smaller power requirement because of high efficiency

  • Fast cooling of the warm milk

  • Stable, safe and gentle cooling of all milk at various ambient temperatures

  • Lower starting power

Save up to 20% energy using this cooling units.

Eco-cool: the efficient cooling unit

Provides rapid, safe, economic and ecological cooling at all milk and ambient temperatures. The cooling unit cools milk safely without the risk of freezing. Eco-cool® also limits the electrical consumption of the cooling unit.

The advantages?

  • Lower investment costs

  • Up to 20% less energy consumption

Eco-tronic: milk cooling with minimum ecological footprint

Eco-tronic from Fullwood Packo ensures an optimal flow of refrigerant in the cooling jacket at each stage of the cooling process. The technology ensures the refrigerant is evaporated through the warm milk and every centimetre of the laser-welded evaporator is used to deliver optimum efficiency.

The advantages?

  • Up to 10% extra energy savings

Eco-heater: free hot water

Did you know that hot milk is an excellent source of energy? The Eco-heater unit enables you to reuse heat produced by the milk to warm water up to 50°C. The hot water can then be used for cleaning your tank, or for heating your home.

The advantages?

  • Up to 60% cost savings

Eco-wash rapid cleaning

Eco-wash ensures rapid and optimal cleaning with minimum water consumption. The system is based around iControl with a supplementary reservoir for cold water. A sensor monitors the filling of hot water and the tank is only cleaned once there is enough water available. The system is also ideally suited to robotic milking.

The advantages?

  • Up to 50% less water consumption

  • Up to 50% faster

Eco-drain: recovery of cleaning water

With an extra drain cock valve, you can separate the flows of cleaning water. In the first cleaning phase, leftover milk is discharged, along with the initial rinsing water.

The water used for the rest of the cleaning cycle can be directed to a local water storage facility via the Eco-drain. The recovered water can then be used for cleaning floors, milking positions, etc.

The advantages?

  • Up to 80% recovery of cleaning water

Eco-tube: the obvious investment for saving energy

The Fullwood Packo Eco-tube cools warm milk with well or tap water before it goes into the cooling tank.

This uses 50% less energy to cool the milk down to 4°C in the tank. The heated well or tap water can then be used as drinking water for the cows – nothing is wasted. And thanks to the seamless tube-in-tube system, no maintenance is required, and there is no risk of contamination, so you’ll save on maintenance costs, and you’ll very quickly earn back on your investment.

The advantages?

  • No maintenance

  • Up to 50% energy savings thanks to pre-cooling

  • No risk of contamination or contagion