Ice Water Cooling

Ice water cooling technology has been available since the 1960s. And thanks to rapidly changing trends in the dairy sector, ice water cooling is becoming the preferred method as it can rapidly cool both large and small volumes, in situations where more flexibility is required.

Rapidly ice cold, but never frozen

One such trend is the advent of mega farms, where round-the-clock milking requires that large, continuous volumes of milk need to be rapidly cooled.

On farms using milking robots or at milk collection centres, milk is conveyed at lower or varying rates of flow.

Milk Cooling Tanks with Integrated Ice Builder

Open milk cooling tanks with integrated ice builder, from 600 to 2,300 litres The Fullwood Packo open bulk milk cooler, type OM/IB with an integrated ice builder, uses ice water to cool the milk. The technology accelerates cooling by 50 % compared to a standard direct expansion system, without any risk of freezing the milk.

As the ice bank stores a reserve of ice, there is no need for the cooling units to be switched on during milking. The ice water cools the milk without the risk of freezing, even with only small amounts of milk inside the cooling tank.


  • The ice water tank features a built-in ice bank ensuring intensive milk cooling without any risk of freezing

  • The ice bank system sprays ice water across the external surface of the inner tank, accelerating cooling by 50% compared to a standard direct expansion system

  • An ice reserve is formed providing a safety net should there be a fluctuation in power

  • Thanks to ‘smart metering’ the ice water can be produced highly economically

Closed milk cooling tanks with either separate or integrated ice builder

Horizontal models from 1,600 to 36,000 litres, vertical models from 12,000 to 50,000 litres.


  • Compact system

  • Delivers fast and efficient cooling of the milk

  • Utilises cheaper night-time electricity tariff to build the ice water

  • Ideal for robotic milking, goat and sheep milking, milk collection and to manage seasonal fluctuations in the milk supply

  • Very safe and reliable system

Ice Builder

The Fullwood Packo Ice Builder is the result of many years of experience in cooling liquids for the dairy and food industries, and it is the heart of the cooling system.

It builds up an ice reserve to make large amounts of ice water at 0.5 – 1 degree and, as a lot of energy can be stored on a small surface area, the system only requires a compact space-saving unit.

Our standard Ice Builder is supplied with a powerful ice water pump that transports the ice water through the heat exchanger in the DIB tank. Rapid cooling of your valuable milk is ensured, without the risk of freezing, even in the case of robotic milking where smaller quantities of milk enter the tank each hour.

Possible optional extras include an additional ice water pump for instant cooling and timed ‘off-peak’ cooling.

Product range PIB: 8 kWh to 370 kWh included


  • Large reserves of cold-energy when milking starts – buffer for 1 to 2 milkings

  • Smart cooling – production of ice water at lower rates thanks to compatibility with alternative electricity generation (e.g. solar and wind energy).

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Falling Film Chiller

In order to meet the increasing demand for the continuous instant cooling of milk, Fullwood Packo presents the Falling Film Chiller.

On larger dairy farms where considerable amounts of milk need to be cooled rapidly, but without compromising quality, the Falling Film Chiller can be the reliable solution, with the continuous production of ice water at 0.5 °C cooling milk instantly.

As standard, the Falling Film Chiller is equipped with Fullwood Packo Eco-Tronic technology.


  • Continuous production of ice water at 0.5°c

  • Ideal for mega farms with continuous milking, where large volume of milk must be cooled rapidly whilst retaining high quality

  • Instant cooling of the milk