Professional production of dairy products: PASTEURIZED MILK, YOGURT, CHEESE, RICOTTA, CURD, …

Batch Pasteurizers

Pasteurizers are used for the thermic processing of milk into dairy product, such as: pasteurized milk, yogurt, cheese, ricotta, curd, … They enable thermic processing of milk in the range between 4 °C and 100 °C. Plevnik cheese kettles are made in accordance to international standards, CE directives and the latest findings in dairy industry. They are created for making extraordinary dairy products – for modern and successful milk-processing business stories.

Energy efficency

Diverse and efficient stirring

Automated processing procedures

Easy control and cleaning

Heating Options - Different heating options are available:

Different versions of pasteurizers P are available: from more simple versions to professional pasteurizers for advanced users. Individual versions have different heating options and different equipment possibilities.

Additional Equipment

Yogurt stirrer
Specialized stirrer for making yogurt (gently breaks up the ferment – yogurt, liquid yogurt).

Two-step cooling
Save ice water (energy), because water from the water supply network is used for cooling at higher temperatures (100–40 °C) and ice water for cooling between 40 °C and 4 °C.

A console for the stirrer and two-part cover
For accessing the vessel during processing. The vessel is closed with a two-part cover.

Manual harp
Manual harp with six sharp blades. Cut the cheese mass for different products with only a few cuts.

2R polished interior
Due to its very smooth surface, the contents do not stick to the walls during processing. This enables quick and easy cleaning.

Protection for the stirrer motor
Protection for the stirrer motor (stainless steel) during operation and cleaning. For protection of the motor and a long lifespan.

Working platform
Easier access, higher outlet and easy decantation of the cheese mass to the draining table. Safe, efficient and ergonomic process control.

Elevating device
Enables setting of the ergonomic working height and therefore makes work (discharging, cleaning) easier. Ideal solution for facilities with a low ceiling.

Technical informations

Please contact us about types, heating power according to version, dimensions, cooling and hot water connections, weight, outlets, …

Yogurt production with Plevnik Pasteurizer P 300 EL Professional

Yogurt production with Plevnik equipment: pasteurizer P 300 EL Professional and cheese table SM 199.

75% propeller stirrer The larger (75% of vessel diameter) stirrer ensures a more efficient and faster stirring (circular rising of the content).

Professional stirrer for yogurt, cheese and milk
A universal helical stirrer for efficient and gentle stirring. First helical stirrer in the industry in this segment (100-500 liters). With two detachable levels.

Professional stirrer for yogurt, cheese and milk - stirring rake
A detachable grid module (upper level), which transforms the yogurt ferment into a liquid one (liquid yogurt).

Scrape stirrer
The sliding scrape stirrer ensures a constant and gentle scraping of the pasteurizer walls. For making: pudding, jam, chocolate and other highly viscous products.