Flow Pasteurizeres

Our partner flow pasteurizer is used for continuous pasteurization of larger quantities of milk (HTST pasteurization – high temperature, short time). Pasteurization stops the vital activities of pathogenic form of bacteria and is essential in milk processing. Pasteurized milk can be further processed into various dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, …

Pasteurization of larger quantities
Flow pasteurizer is used for pasteurization of larger quantities of milk Pasteurization runs at higher temperature (75 °C) and in shorter time (20 s). Process runs in accordance with all standards

Efficient process.
The process of flow pasteurization is up to 3 times faster compared to batch pasteurization. The energy consumption for drinking milk is up to 12 times lower

Process adjustability Thermal treatment of milk is performed at user selected temperature. The temperature can be selected depending on further processing of milk – various final dairy products.

Simple control
Easy and logical operation of processes can be done via a PLC controller. Integrated recorder logs all main parameters to increase process control.

Heating Options

Different heating options are available


Different versions of flow pasteurizer PP are available: from more simple versions to professional flow pasteurizers for advanced users. Each version has different equipment possibilities.

Additional Equipment

CIP cleaning module


Module for reheating

Connections for separator

Connections for homogenizer

Holding tube for yoghurt

Overpressure system and booster pump